Tortuga Rum Company Ltd

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In 1984, while employees of Cayman Airways, Robert and Carlene Hamaty started the Tortuga Rum Company to introduce the first private labeled rums for the Cayman Islands. A few years later, they opened their first duty free liquor store and introduced the Tortuga Rum Cake, made from Carlene's family, generations-old recipe and Tortuga gold rum, of course. The Hamatys continue to own Tortuga Liquors, their wholesale and retail liquor distribution business in Grand Cayman and are shareholders in Tortuga International.

Superb Tortuga Light Rum
Premium Tortuga Gold Cayman Rum
Dark Tortuga Dark Rum
Tortuga Gold Rum
Tortuga 151 Proof Cayman Rum
Tortuga Spiced Rum
Banana Rum
Coconut Rum
Tortuga Rum Liqueur
Tortuga Rum Cream
Tortuga Kola Champagne Syrup
Tortuga Strawberry Syrup
Tortuga Pineapple Syrup
Tortuga Orange Syrup
Tortuga Plain Syrup
Tortuga Tipsy Turtle Rum
Premium Tortuga Gold Rum
Tortuga Rum Liqueur

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