Tilaknagar Industries Ltd

Year established: 1933
Year closed:
Owner: Dahanukar family
Web page: www.tilind.com
Mail address: moc.dnilit|rouqilit#moc.dnilit|rouqilit
Type of still:
Production capacity:
Location: Mumbai
TI was founded as "The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Limited" (MSM) in 1933 by Shri Mahadev L Dahanukar. The company manufactured sugar and allied products.

Shri Mahadev L Dahanukar named the factory complex 'Tilaknagar' as a token of respect for Lokmanya Tilak. In deference to the policy of the Government to have all sugar businesses in the country under the control and management of Co-operative Societies formed by farmers, the Company had to stop its sugar business in 1987.

Tilaknagar Distilleries & Industries Ltd. was promoted as a 100 per cent subsidiary of The Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd. The year 1973 saw TI diversify into the businesses of Industrial Alcohol, Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and Sugar Cubes. Both Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd. and Tilaknagar Distilleries & Industries Ltd have been merged to form Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. with effect from August 6, 1993.

Since then TI has been engaged in the business of manufacture and distribution of spirit and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL).

In 1973 the non-sugar assets of MSM were reallocated and led to the formation of Tilaknagar Distilleries and Industries. At Tilaknagar Distilleries, the by-product of sugar cane viz., molasses, were initially used to make a smooth transition into the liquor industry. A radical change in the Government's policies in the 1980's helped the company become one of the India's premier distilleries. Both Maharashtra Sugar Mills Ltd and Tilaknagar Distilleries & Industries Ltd were amalgamated to form one company. The new company named TI (Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. took effect in August 6, 1993.

Bonking Matured Rum
Castle Club Matured XXX Rum - Discontinued
Madira Premium Dark XXX Rum
Royal Choice XXX Rum - Discontinued
Savoy Club XXX Rum - Discontinued
Senate Matured XXX Rum - Discontinued
Shot Rock XXX Rum - Discontinued
TI Nigro He Mans XXX Matured Rum

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