The Grenada Sugar Factory Ltd Woodlands

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Clarke's Court Kalypso Alcohol 67.5% (135 Proof)
Clarke's Court Superior Alcohol 43% (86 Proof)
Clarke's Court Special Alcohol 43% (86 Proof)
Clarke's Court Agricultural Rum From Pure Cane Juice 43% Alc/Vol
Clarke's Court Pure White Rum 69% Alc. by Vol. (138 Proof)
Clarke's Court Original White Rum 69% Alc. by Vol., 138 Proof
Olde Grenada Overproof Jack Iron Rum 140 Proof
Clarke's Court Spicy Rum 69% Alc./Vol (138 Proof)
Clarke's Court Old Grog Rum 43% Alc./Vol
Clarke's Court Rum Punch 26% Alc./Vol.
Clarke's Court Fancy Molasses
Clarke's Court Rum Lemon 35% alc/vol
Camerhogne Spice Liqueur 24% Alcohol

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