Tanzania Distilleries Limited Tdl

Year established: 1968
Year closed:
Owner: Tanzania Breweries Limited
Web page: http://konyagi.co.tz/
Mail address:
Type of still: Three column still
Production capacity:
Location: Dar es Salaam
Konyagi is produced by Tanzania Distilleries Limited (TDL). Konyagi was established in 1970. It was first born when TDL encouraged the distillers of local spirits to bring in their products to be re-distilled and transformed into a safe and clean drink, which became known as “Kinywaji Safi”.
The ever-growing demand for Konyagi saw the distillation process evolve in 1979 from a simple pot-still batch to continuous distillation using molasses as feedstock. This adaptation enabled TDL to increase its capacity to produce potable alcohol from 800 litres per day to an impressive 2,500 litres per day.
In 1997, a modern three column still with a capacity of 5,000 litres per day was installed using raw spirit as feedstock. However, this new distillation plant was closed down in 1998 due to effluent disposal problems at the factory in Dar es Salaam, the high cost of transporting molasses from up-country sugar mills and the high cost of generating steam to operate the plant. Currently, it is more economic to import fine spirit than to produce it locally in Dar es Salaam. Today Konyagi is being produced from sugar cane using a new three column still. The alcohol that is being extracted is of the purest quality.

Konyagi is consumed throughout Tanzania and is regarded as the Tanzanian spirit of choice, transcending all socio-economic classes.

Tanzanian Distillers limited (TDL) is a subsidiary of Tanzania Breweries Limited. Its key focus is the production, sale and distribution of wines and spirits. Konyagi is the flagship brand of the Company, but there also other brands in its portfolio, including Valeur Superior Brandy, Viceroy Brandy, Knights Whisky, Regency Whisky, Count Pushkin Vodka,Vladimir Vodka, Zanzi Cream Liqueur, Amarula Cream Liqueur , Nederburg Wine, Drostdy-Hof, Overmeer Wine, Imagi Wine, Dodoma Wine and Savanna Premium Cider. Konyagi is also being exported to other markets, such as Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda.

Konyagi Alc 35% by Vol

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