Tanduay Distillers

Year established: 1854
Year closed:
Owner: Lucio Tan Group of Companies
Web page: http://www.tanduay.com/
Mail address:
Type of still:
Production capacity:
Tanduay Rhum is an alcohol beverage from the Philippines. It is produced by Tanduay Distillers Inc, and with origins dating from 1854, when it was started by Ynchausti y Compañia.
In 1988, the Lucio Tan Group of Companies acquired Tanduay Distillery, the oldest maker of rum, from the Elizalde Family. Tan and his group launched a plant modernization and expansion program that increased Tanduay's production by almost 50 times.

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Tanduay 1854
Tanduay 5 Years
Tanduay Cocktails
Tanduay Extra Strong
Tanduay Gold Premium Rhum 40% alc/vol
Tanduay Ice (Asia Brewery)
Tanduay Light
Tanduay Philippine Rhum Ron 18 Anos
Tanduay Premium 8 Years
Tanduay Primiero Ron 8 Anos
Tanduay Rhum 40% alc/vol
Tanduay Rhum 65 32,5%
Tanduay Rhum Dark 80 Proof
Tanduay Rhum Dark Gold Seal Five Years 40% alc/vol
Tanduay Rhum E.S.Q. Extra Smooth Quality 32,5%
Tanduay Rom 8 Años
Tanduay Rum 1854 15 Years old
Tanduay Superior Rhum 12 Years old 40% alc/vol
Tanduay T5 Light
Tanduay White Premium Rhum 40% alc/vol
Vivo Blanco

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