Sikkim Distilleries

Year established: 1954
Year closed:
Owner: L.A. Harish Aneja Group
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Mail address: moc.seirellitsidmikkis|rouqil#moc.seirellitsidmikkis|rouqil
Type of still:
Production capacity: 4000 cases/day
Location: Rangpo, Sikkim
The Sikkim Distilleries Limited founded by Mr. JR Contractor in 1954 is the oldest and largest liquor manufacturers and enjoys a pre-eminent position in the domestic liquor industry. The distillery is now owned by Aneja Group headed by its managing director Pranay Aneja. They have also tied up with M/s Allied Blenders & Distilleries Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, for bottling Officers Choice. Sikkim Distilleries is a joint stock venture with the Sikkim government holding 48 % of the share capital.

Over the years, the distillery has witnessed tremendous infrastructural growth right from the construction of 5 storey office block alongside the 3 storey production block aimed to accommodate the projected expansion of the Aromatics division in the later stage to replacements of the small copper pot still and the outdated 3 column tower still with the latest 5 column efficient and modern copper tower distillation system. Besides, installation of one complete fast speed auto-rinsing, bottling, capping, sealing, labelling, auto-overpacking line to accommodate 180 & 375 ml Almond curved bottles, four large capacity water cooling towers have been added for recycling the water required for cooling purpose.

Plans are also underway on the part of the distillery to set up bottling plants in the duo SAARC nations in Nepal and Bangladesh and to export SDL brands to United Kingdom and the United States.
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Black Cat Sikkim Rum 42.8% alc/vol
Sikkim Hymalayan XXX Prize Rum 40% alc/vol
Sikkim Teesta White Rum 42.8 % alc/vol
Sikkim XXX Prize Rum 42.8 % alc/vol
Sikkim Snow Lion White
Sikkim Striking Lion

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