Santiago Groupe Pernod Ricard India

Year established: 2000
Year closed: 2002
Owner: Groupe Pernod Ricard
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Type of still:
Production capacity:
Location: Kolhapur
Pernod Ricard set up its Indian operations in 1996 through its joint venture with Kolhapur-based United Distilleries and waited for four years before launching commercial operations with Tilsbury whisky, a pure grain whiskey, and Santiago rum in March 2000. The Santiago was made to challenge Old Monk and Contessa and sold at a slightly higher price. Unlike traditional Indian rums, Santiago was matured in cask for three to four weeks, and had a distinctly different taste.
Part of the reason for Pernod Ricard's delayed entry into the Indian market was that the company was putting the Kolhapur distillery into shape.

To restructure its operations after acquiring Seagram's liquor business, Groupe Pernod Ricard decided in late 2002 to discontinue with its two liquor brands, Santiago rum and Tilsbury whisky in India and focus only on Seagram's portfolio of liquor brands. The decision was made due to Seagram’s brands were more established and sold in bigger volumes with availability across the whole of India.

Santiago Rum

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