Rhumerie De Chamarel

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Web page: http://www.rhumeriedechamarel.com/
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Location: Route Royale, Chamarel, Ile Maurice
Ideally located in fertile valley which enjoys nice weather all year round, the sugar cane fields are grown in a unique microclimate which provides the natural water required according to the season. Hand-picked daily at dawn, the freshly-harvested sugar cane is transferred in less than four hours to the mills of the rum distillery. Its rapid conveyance and careful selection combined with the process which prevents the sugarcane fields from being burnt guarantee the purest juice extracts.
Rum is made by distilling the fresh, fermented cane juice rather than that obtained from molasses. It is a lengthy process-making used for only 5% of the world's production of high-quality rum. The filtered cane juice is slowly fermented with a specific selection of yeast which guarantees the finest aromas. The vesou is then distilled in a full copper column to obtain the White Rum or in two copper pots for the Double Distilled Rum. Those sophisticated techniques enhance their distinct flavors.

The fermentation and distillation processes use sophisticated techniques while preserving the environment. In line with the concept of sustainable development, the distillery concentrates its environmental efforts on recycling: nothing goes to waste. Indeed, the bagasse, the fibrous residue remaining after juice extraction is collected and turned into energy, the industrial fumes are cleared before being released into the air, the ashes are spread in the fields to act as fertilizers and the steam retrieved from the process is used to water the gardens.

The distilled Rum is stocked in stainless steel vats for at least six months. During this phase, regular stirring of the distilled product helps eliminate unwanted volatile components.

Part of the clear rum is also reserved for aging in oak barrels. Some will be aged for only 18 months in order to produce "Gold rum" and others for at least 4 years to obtain aged rum. During this aging process the rum acquires its aroma, body, taste and amber colour.

Chamarel Blanc 50%
Chamarel Liqueur Coffee 35%
Chamarel Liqueur Vanille 35%
Chamarel Paille 50% Aged 18 months in oak barrels
Double Distilled Rum 50%
Rum V.O. Matured for 3 years in oak barrels 46%

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