Rhum Charrette

Year established: 1972
Year closed:
Web page: http://www.rhum-charrette.com/
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Reunion Island rum is now a stylish, sophisticated drink. A concentration movement has taken place over the years, there were 31 rum distilleries in 1928, and only three are left today—but production capacity has never been so high. This position was achieved through a joint policy of Reunion rum makers who decided to set up a GIE (Economic Interest Grouping) in 1972 with the view of structuring and developing the Charrette brand, a blend of Reunion Island traditional industrial rums. Since that time, boosted by dynamic cooperation and the Charrette success story, Reunion rum has sold around the entire world. The "Rhum Charrette" was born in 1972 and is the most famous brand of rum from the island of La Réunion. Its alcohol content is 49 % and it's made from molasses. In the last ten years, the three distilleries (Isautier, Riviere du Mat, Savanna) have undertaken a complete upgrade. To meet the new demands of international trade and new emerging lifestyles, particular emphasis has been laid on quality. Quality controls have been reinforced at each production stage, with improvements in the nature of “non-alcohol” substances during distillation. Considerable effort has been made for packaging and communication.

Four million liters were packed in 2004 . The sales were 80% in La Réunion (including duty free ) and 20% for export, generating a turnover of 17 million euros.
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