Ravikumar Distilleries Limited

Year established: 1993
Year closed:
Web page: http://www.ravikumardistilleries.com/
Mail address: moc.seirellitsidramukivar|selas#moc.seirellitsidramukivar|selas
Type of still:
Production capacity: 1.43 million cases per year
Set up in 1993, Ravikumar Distilleries Ltd has entered into tie-ups with CGEVF France for production of Brandy and with JBB (Greater Europe) Plc for the production of Scotch Whisky.

The company's mother plant is located in Puducherry. The Factory has a capacity to produce 1.43 million cases per annum.

Capricorn Super White Rum 42.8%
Capricorn Super XXX Rum 42.8%
Konarak XXX Rum
Chevalier XXX Rum
Oncemore XXX Rum
2 Barrels XXX Rum

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