Rangar Breweries Ltd

Year established: 1977
Year closed:
Owner: Yadu Corporation
Web page: http://www.rangarbreweries.in/
Mail address: moc.noitaroprocuday|igayt.htrahddis#moc.noitaroprocuday|igayt.htrahddis
Type of still:
Production capacity:
Rangar Breweries Ltd is one of India's oldest and largest liquor manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh. Formerly known as Rangar Breweries Ltd which was established in 1977. To boost its production capacity of bottled and branded products, the company has tied up with bottling units in various parts of the country.

Black Jack XXX Superb Rum 42,8%
Champion XXX Rum 42.8%
Gold Flame Rum 42,8%
Old Flame XXX Rum 42.8%

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