Premier Distilleries Pvt Ltd

Year established: 2000
Year closed:
Owner: Mr.K.Sekar
Web page:
Mail address: moc.seirellitsidreimerp|ofni#moc.seirellitsidreimerp|ofni
Type of still:
Production capacity:
Location: Mangalam Village,Villianur Commune
Mr.K.Sekar started the distillery in the year 2000 at Mangalam village. The production unit measuring nearly 20,000 Sq.ft contains the blending, bottling and storage. The unit can accommodate 8 bottling lines to include both semi and fully automatic machines. Out of 8 possible, currently there are two fully automatic and three semi-automatic lines to cater 4,000 cases of production per day. Only stainless steel tanks are installed for the storage of spirits.

The unit has a permit to export 50% of the total produce outside India.

3 Horse XXX Rum
Delight XXX Rum
Diamond XXX Rum
Django XXX Rum
K.S. XXX Rum
Palace XXX Rum

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