Nicol Ajudhia Distillery

Year established: 1943
Year closed:
Owner: National Industrial Corporation Limited
Web page:
Mail address: ni.locin|eracremotsuc#ni.locin|eracremotsuc
Type of still:
Production capacity: 2 million cases per year
Location: Raja ka Sahaspur, Uttar Pradesh
National Industrial Corporation Limited was established in the year 1943 by Seth Family headed by Rai Bahadur Seth Ajudhia Prasad, Rai Bahadur Seth Ram Rattan and Seth Ramji Dass. It is a family owned enterprise run by third and fourth generation.

The flagship unit of the company, Ajudhia Distillery, is amongst one of the largest alcohol producing distilleries in India with a licenced capacity of 23 million litres including 6 million litres of Neutral alcohol and 2 million cases of bottled liquor. The Company's plants are equipped with high speed automatic bottling lines and captive power generation.

The Company started with supplying power alcohol for the vehicles in World War II 1943. Thereafter, it supplied Industrial Alcohol to various chemical and alcohol based units in India. In 1944 Ajudhia Distillery becomes one of the first houses to supply Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) to Defence Canteens and the civilian market in India.

Black Bull Matured XXX Rum
Black Bull XXX Rum 42.8%
Coco Carib
Golden Barrel Reserve XXX Rum
Golden Barrels Prestige White Rum 42.8%
Golden Barrels Prestige XXX Rum 42.8%
Hawaian Premium White Rum
Himalayan Extra Fine XXX Rum 42.8%
Nicol's Badshah XXX Rum 42.8%
Old Judge XXX Rum 42.8%
Standard XXX Rum 42.8%

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