Narang Industries Ltd

Year established: 24th October,1942
Year closed:
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Location: Nawabganj Gonda
At present, Narang Industries (NARINDUS) is not doing any business. It is still exploring the possibility of re-activating its non-molasses based alcohol manufacturing unit at Aurangabad. The registered office of the company is located at Nawabgunj, district Gonda in Uttar Pradesh with corporate office located at New Delhi. The company has a wholly-owned subsidiary called Mc Killigan Distillery Limited.


Narang Distillery plans grain based distillery unit.

Narang Distillery is setting up a Grain Based Distillery Unit at Sundani in Banswara district of Rajasthan. The project involves setting up a new 30 KLD Grain based Distillery Unit for production of Rectified Spirit with an investment of Rs.135 million. The project will also have a 10 TPH Rice Husk / Gas / Coal fired boiler. Power requirement of 750 KWH would be met from the Rajasthan State Electricity Board and two DG sets of 500 KVA each and 320 KVA shall be installed for emergency. As of February 2007, the project has obtained clearance from ministry of environment and forests.


Caribay Deluxe XXX Rum 42.8%

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