Mohan Meakin Limited

Year established: 1855
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Owner: Public company
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Location: Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Mohan Meakin is a large group of companies started with Asia's first brewery founded as Dyer Breweries Limited at Kasauli by Edward Dyer in 1855. In the late 1820s, Edward Dyer had moved from England to set up the first brewery in India at Kasauli in the Himalayan Mountains. The Kasauli brewery launched India's and Asia's first beer, Lion, which was in great demand by the British administrators and troops stationed in India. He established breweries and distilleries at Simla, Solan, Lucknow and Mandalay (Burma). The brewery was moved to nearby Solan, due to the abundant supply of fresh springwater there. The Kasauli brewery site was converted to a distillery, which Mohan Meakin Ltd. still operate. Dyer set up more breweries at Shimla, Murree (Murree Brewery), Rawalpindi, Mandalay, Quetta and acquired interests in the Ootacamund Brewery (South India).

Another entrepreneur, H.G. Meakin, coming from a well known brewing family of Burton-on-Trent where he was trained, founded Meakin & Co. Ltd. He bought the old Simla and Kasauli Breweries and built others at Dalhousie, Ranikhet, Chakrarta, Darjeeling and Kirkee.

After the First World War, the Meakin and Dyer breweries merged and renamed itself Dyer Meakin & Co.Ltd. In 1937, when Burma was separated from India, the company was restructured with its Indian assets as Dyer Meakin Breweries

In 1935 when Burma was separated from India, the name of the Indian part of the company was changed to Dyer Meakin Breweries Ltd., a public company on the London Stock Exchange, and the assets and liabilities of Burma Brewery in Burma were separated.

Brewing was suspended at the Kasauli Brewery and a new brewing and bottling plant was installed at Solan. Extensive malting at Kasauli were continued in operation. With modernization and rationalizations the unproductive centres were closed down one by one retaining distilleries at Kasauli and Lucknow and the brewery at Solan (Simla Hills) that were extensively upgraded through the years. After World War II, all manufacturing plants at Solan, Kasauli and Lucknow were replaced by the latest automatic ones.

Following independence, N.N. Mohan raised funds and travelled to London where he acquired a majority stake in Dyer Meakin Breweries. He took over management of the company in 1949 and built new breweries at Lucknow, Ghaziabad and Khopoli (near Mumbai). The company was renamed to Mohan Meakin Breweries in 1966, and to Mohan Meakin Limited in 1980.

Today, Mohan Meakin's principal brands are Old Monk Rum and Golden Eagle Beer. Its other products include Diplomat Deluxe, Colonel's Special, Black Knight, Meakin 10,000, Summer Hall and Solan No 1 whiskies, London Dry and Big Ben gins, and Kaplanski vodka. Asia’s original beer, Lion, is still sold in northern India.

Old Monk is a vatted Indian Rum, blended and aged for 7 years (though there is also more expensive, 12 year old version). It is a dark rum with a distinct vanilla flavour, with an alcohol content of 42.8 (Army issue alcohol content is 50%). It is produced in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, available in all parts of India. Old Monk's sale in India has been on a steady increase. There is no advertising, its popularity depends on word of mouth and loyalty of customers. Old Monk is the largest selling dark rum in the world. Old Monk has been the biggest Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) brand for many years. International Old Monk Day is celebrated on 19th Dec, the first time it was tasted officially was 19 December 1854. Old Monk had been awarded gold medals at Monde World Selections since 1982.

Types of Old Monk
While the 7 years aged XXX rum grade is the most popular, there are Supreme & Gold Reserve Products: which are gaining in popularity. These are aged for 12 years and are blended with highly matured spirits. Supreme also comes in a special bottle, with the shape of a standing monk. The top part of the monk's head is the bottle cap, which also doubles up as a peg measure.

Chasers (Mixers)
Old Monk is usually mixed with any kind of dark cola, soda or water and often with a twist of lime.
In India, Old Monk and water is a popular combination.
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Old Monk Deluxe XXX Rum
Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum
Old Monk Supreme Rum
Old Monk Very Old Vatted XXX Rum 7 years old blended 42.8%
Old Monk White Rum
Old Monk XXX Rum

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