Maurel Prom Bathurst Banjul

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The Maurel & Prom company was founded in 1813 by two famous families of Bordeaux to ship goods from Bordeaux to the French colonies in West Africa. The shipping company of the same name was founded in 1830. Over the years, the company acquired several trading posts, becoming one of the main shipping companies servicing Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Gabon and Congo.
At the end of the 19th century, Joseph Prom founded the Maurel & Prom oil factory, which was fed with groundnut imported from Senegal.

The Maurel & Prom line was closed down in 1970 following the crisis of maritime transport. The company went to food processing (chicken and fish farming). In 1995, Électricité et Eaux de Madagascar purchased 76% of the company and developed mining, forestry and shipping activities. The two companies separated in 1999; Maurel & Prom refocused its business on oil and gas exploration and production, which began in Kouakouala (Congo) in 2000. The company built there a pipeline in 2002 and discovered a new deposit in M'boundi. In the meantime, Maurel & Prom had withdrawn from its non-strategic activities (agriculture, forestry, gold mining).
Maurel & Prom is now listed among the ten biggest mid-sized oil companies in Europe.

There are no traces of their sale of rum on the company home page 2014-02-26.

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