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Malibu Rum is a flavored rum made with natural coconut extract, possessing an alcohol content by volume of 21.0% (42 proof). The brand is owned by Pernod Ricard and it is made in Canada.

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The product was originally made from fruit spirits, flavored with rum and coconut flavoring in Curaçao. Originally, the product was used to simplify the making of Piña Coladas by bartenders. When the product took off, the production was then moved to Barbados where the rum is made by West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd., and the quality of the ingredients used was improved. The brand was sold by Diageo to Allied Domecq for £560m ($800m) in 2002 and later to Pernod Ricard.

Advertising campaigns label it "Seriously Easy Going" and usually features people from the Caribbean taking life seriously, in a parody of the stress associated with the Western urban lifestyle, with a voice over at the end saying "If people in the Caribbean took life as seriously as this, they would never have invented Malibu. It's seriously easy going." The marketing thrust of Malibu Rum has also strongly focused on marketing Malibu Rum's online streaming audio station known as

The first variation of the rum was Malibu Lime which was only sold in Jamaica and night clubs in France. Despite having some success in Jamaica, it did not take off in France and was discontinued in July 2003. In 2004, 3 Products: of Malibu were launched worldwide being Melon, Passion Fruit & Pineapple before being discontinued in 2006.
Currently in the US market there are 5 variations on the original flavour, which are Mango, Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Tropical Banana and recently Island Melon as well as 3 new addition in 2012, which are Malibu Red (infused with Tequila), Malibu Black (35% alc/vol & Black) and Malibu Sunshine (Infused with Lemon and Lime flavours).
Malibu Red launched in WInter 2012 in the UK and Sunshine is due to launch in Europe in the summer of 2013.
Malibu and its variations can be drunk neat, on the rocks, with milk, or more commonly, with a fruit-based mixer or a carbonated soft drink such as Coca Cola or Pub Squash, in which case the drink is renamed Jamaican Lemonade. Malibu Coconut is mixed with pineapple juice and Bacardi 151 to make a Caribou Lou. A Surfer on Acid is made using equal parts of Jägermeister, Malibu Rum, and pineapple juice. Rum-rocca is created by mixing Malibu Rum with a Berocca tablet and water to start the reaction needed for the tablet. Although the bottle for the coconut-flavored rum is opaque white, the drink is colourless and slightly more viscous than regular rum.

Malibu Lime
Malibu Coconut Rum
Malibu Mango
Malibu Melon

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