Khemani Distilleries

Year established: 1983
Year closed:
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Mail address: moc.puorginamehk|ofni#moc.puorginamehk|ofni
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Location: Daman
The company was established in 1983 by the founders, Mr. Ashok Khemani and Mr. Suresh Khemani.

Khemanis started their business with the launch of Royal Distillery Pvt. Ltd. (RDPL). Situated in Daman, a former Portuguese colony, it specializes in the production of blended whiskies and other spirits. It produces a range of products like Royal's Special Whisky, Strong Bull Café Rum, Royal's Colonel Rum, Blue Cube Gin, Red Cube Vodka, Casino Royal Brandy, etc. Additionally this facility also produces Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) and Vodka Spirit for industrial needs like Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals etc.

Khemani Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.(KDPL) was set up in 1995. It produces Royal Circle Premium Whisky , McDowell's Signature Whisky, Royal Challenge Premium Whisky, McDowell's No 1 Whisky, Bagpiper Whisky, Green Label Whiskey, Director's Special Whiskey, Director's Black Classic Whiskey, Blue Riband Gin, Romanov Vodka etc. Products for export to many African countries like Royal special Whisky, Festa Whisky, Festa Gin, Tornado Whisky, Beach Club Whisky, etc are also produced here. The facility also produces high grade Superfine neutral alcohol used in white spirits, and an array of other high grade spirits for use in cosmetic, perfumery, pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Both the facilities are ISO 9001: 2000 certified and jointly manufacture 42,000 liters of Extra Neutral Spirit and bottle 10000 cases of IMFL every day. Alongside, Khemanis also acquired a brewery at Daman in the year 2000, which is now renamed as Blossom Industries Limited (BIL).

The (BIL) has the capacity to produce one million cases per month and caters to the manufacturing requirements of several beer brands of the country, like Kingfisher Lager and Strong, Sandpiper, Zingaro and energy drinks through a business partnership with United Breweries Ltd., the leading brewers of India. This ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14000 certified facility also produces in-house beer brands like Bell Bird, available in mild and strong varieties, and Bull 9000, a premium Strong Beer. Bell Bird currently targets local markets through a chain of 300 retailers and bars, and is available in various states of the country. Facility is also engaged in export of some of the exclusive brands from the U.B. stable and also catering to other international brands.

Perfunova International Limited specializes in an array of premium personal care products including kids perfumes and body sprays, perfumes, deodorants, shaving systems, body care and hair care.

The Christian Brothers Rum 42.5% Alc/Vol
Strong Bull Café Rum
Royal's Colonel Rum 42.8% Alc/Vol
Royal’s Cafe rum Coffee flavoured rum 45% Alc/Vol

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