Jeypore Sugar Co Ltd

Year established: 29th July 1936
Year closed:
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Mail address: ni.tenrahcnas|ocusyej_rle#ni.tenrahcnas|ocusyej_rle
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Location: Chagallu Mandal
The Jeypore Sugar Company (VVS SUGARS) Ltd. was incorporated as a public limited company on 29th July 1936 and was the first company to be registered in the then newly formed province of Orissa. The founder of the company was Sri Velagapudi Rama Krishna. He was born on March 4th, 1896 in the village of Bellamvaripalem in Guntur District. Jeypore Sugar Company, is engaged in producing sugar, industrial alcohol and IMFL. The company has its manufacturing units in Andhra Pradesh.

The company started with a sugar unit at Rayagada, Koraput District, Orissa.. The company diversified into various other activities like manufacture of Industrial Alcohol, Indian made foreign liquor and Ferro manganese.

In the course of expansion of the company, a separate sugar unit was established at Nagaram in Guntur District A.P. in 1958. Due to non-availability of sugar cane the unit was shifted to Chagallu, West Godavari District, in A.P in 1961. One of its unit, Ramakrishna Maize Products, at Tudialur, Coimbatore, suspended its activities due to water scarcity. Efforts are being made to revive this unit. The Chagallu distillery achieved its full production level of 40,000 litres per day with zero discharge level. A reverse osmosis plant has been installed to process the spent wash and generate water for industrial needs. To cater to the demand of oil companies, an ethanol unit is run for doping gasoline. The expansion of the distillery unit at Jangareddigudem has been completed with reverse osmosis and fermentation systems implemented. Co–generation of electricity has lowered power costs.
Sri Rama Distilleries limited was purchased in the year 1988 by The Jeypore Sugar Co Ltd.. The company's distillery at Rayagada manufactures IMFL on behalf of others. The Rayagada sugar unit was sold off in 1994-95 due to limited irrigation potential at Rayagada.

Today the Managing Director of this organization is Smt Rajeswari Rama Krishnan, daughter of the founder.

Carafeson's Candy Blue XXX Rum 42.8%
Konark XXX Rum 42.8%
RR XXX Rum 42.8%

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