It is the island’s smallest and oldest distillery. This family business was set up in 1845 and is now run by the 6th generation of owners. The distillery has a daily production capacity of 70 HPA. Since its early days, one of its signature marks of excellence has been to produce agricultural rum. This makes it unique in Reunion Island. In addition to white and old rums aged 5, 10 or 15 years, the group produces a wide range of punches, spiced rums, spiced fruit and liqueurs.

Year established: 1845
Year closed:
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1832 : Charles ISAUTIER arrives on Reunion Island.
1845 : Charles ISAUTIER buys the sugar-processing plant of CHATEAUVIEUX and sets up the ISAUTIER distillery.
1848 : Abolition of slavery.
1865 : Death of Charles ISAUTIER. His widow, Antoinette ORREE, takes over and gives the family rum production an international character.
1914 – 1918 : World War I : Increasing demand for rum from the colonies. Manufacture needs to be speeded up : rum is used in the manufacture of explosives, for hospital dressings and for pharmaceutical purposes. Rum is also popular with soldiers.
1922 : Setting up of quotas to limit the amount of rum exported by the colonies to mainland France.
1939 – 1945 : World War II. France is occupied and can no longer receive shipments of rum form overseas colonies. Virtually total blockade for products in and out of Reunion. At the end of the war, only one distillery and 14 sugar-processing plants/distilleries remain in activity.
1940 : Only one remaining distillery in activity : that of the Isautier family.
1946 : Reunion becomes a French département.
1972 : Setting up of GIE (Economic Interest Group) : The market is organised and the rum produced by the 3 distilleries is sold under the name Charrette.
1988 : Marketing of the 20cl flat bottle of Charette rum, to counter sales of small individual doses of rum in small shops.
2006 : As part of the campaign to reduce alcohol dependency, the degree of alcohol of the 20cl bottle is brought down to 40° (previously 49°)
2009 : Three distilleries in operation in Reunion : Savanna, Rivière du Mât and Isautier.
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Fruit arrange Cafe 24°
Fruit arrange Coco Blanc 18°
Fruit arrange Coco Cristal 24°
Fruit arrange Goyavier 18°
Fruit arrange Orange Sauvage 24°
Fruit arrange Passion 24°
Fruit arrange Vanille 24°
Liqueur Cafe 35°
Liqueur Combava 30°
Liqueur Vangassaye 30°
Liqueur Vanille 30°
Punch Ananas 24°
Punch Blonde des iles 24°
Punch Cafe 24°
Punch Citron 24°
Punch Coco 24°
Punch Coco Blanc 24°
Punch Exotique 24°
Punch Flipper 24% alc/vol
Punch Isautier Goyavier 24% alc/vol
Punch Isautier Vanille 24% alc/vol
Punch Kiwi 24°
Punch Letchis 24°
Punch Passion 24°
Rhum Agricole 49% alc/vol.
Rhum arrange Cafe Vanille 40% alc/vol.
Rhum arrange Chamares exotique
Rhum arrange Gingembre citron 40% alc/vol.
Rhum arrange Maloya 35°
Rhum arrange Maloya Coco 35°
Rhum arrange Maloya Goyavier 35°
Rhum arrange Vangassaye Vanille 40% alc/vol.
Rhum Blanc Agricole 49% alc/vol.
Rhum Blanc de Plantation 49% alc/vol.
Rhum Cuvee Speciale du Millénaire 20 ans d'age
Rhum Maloya Blanc Traditionnel 45°
Rhum Vieux 10 ans d'age 40% alc/vol.
Rhum Vieux Agricole 10 ans d'age
Rhum Vieux Agricole 15 ans d'age
Rhum Vieux Agricole 20 ans d'age
Rhum Vieux Agricole 5 ans d'age

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