My father always liked to drink rum and coke when I was young so when I grew up and reached the drinking age it was one of the first drinks I tried. It was ok but never a favourite. My drinks of choice were gin and cognac for many years.

The general drinking habits has changed over the years in Scandinavia. When I was young it was mostly beer and simple vodka drinks that were popular and then in the early 1990's Whisky became increasingly popular. In the 2000's the interest in whisky has increased so much that we even have whisky distilleries in Sweden and now craft beers has become very popular during the last ten years instead of the generic draft beers of my youth. It's a very nice and interesting development when focus shifts to small batch quality products instead of the mass produced drinks that mostly sell on price and alcohol content. I have noticed an increased interest in rum the last few years and I think rum will make the same journey as Whisky and Tequila has made, gaining increased status with more premium products selling at a higher price.

I got curious about aged rum a few years back as an interesting alternative to whisky and started to randomly buy a few bottles of what I hoped was the “good stuff” with a mixed result. I had read a bit about aged rums on the internet so even if it was not any really bad rums I bought, the selection might have been better. The rums I really liked early on was the Angostura 1919 and Zacapa 23. They are sweet and easy to drink but nowadays I think they lack a bit of character. Taste changes with time and experience. When my interest in rum grew I wanted to know more and spent a lot of time searching for information about the rums that interested me and of rums that might be good future purchases. I got a few other friends interested in rum too and we started having occasional meetings where each participant would bring one bottle. This way we could try 5-6 different rums for the price of one. Before each meeting I hosted, I prepared a small tasting sheet with 5-6 lines of text describing the rums and makers briefly. I got this information off the internet.

After a while I started thinking about somehow assembling all this information into a book or database. I wanted to create a one stop solution for getting information about any rum available for purchase to make things easier and to provide information regarding the rum I was drinking or purchasing. I have expanded a bit on this goal to include any rum ever made, if I stumble upon the information while searching for more available rums. There is a lot of information available on the internet about rum but a lot of it is “polluted” by marketing language, full of adjectives or reviews full of opinions. Everybody has an opinion and are entitled to it but what I want here is a source of information describing what is in the bottle you buy and how it was made and aged. If I like that particular rum or not is irrelevant since you might love it. If you want opinions on rums the internet is full of review sites, some good and some bad.

I have not really made up my mind about the ambition level for cachaca, clairin and all the other close relatives rum got. So while not putting a great effort into those areas I will include information I find about them so it will be easier to expand those areas in the future. At least there will be a framework ready for it.

I will examine the possibilities of making this work available as print-on-demand or in electronic form as the pure size of it will probably prohibit publishing on paper. At the moment of writing I am done building the framework to store all information and have already passed 1500 pages so I estimate the finished work to be around 2500-3000 pages. I estimate the world market for what I have in mind is between 13 and 17 copies so a print edition seems extremely far fetched. Due to the scope I guess it will never really be entirely finished either so I aim at annual updates and hope to include corrections, new information and other updates in each new edition. That is also why I transfer it from the document to this wiki. To make it easier to maintain and update it.

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! Transferring a 1500 page document takes time…

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