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Starr African Rum is one of the first companies to embrace the New Partners for African Development (NEPAD). In 2002, the African Union enacted the NEPAD initiative to creat fair trade, sustainable jobs. One way to do so is by having countries pool their collective resources to make products designed to compete on the world market place. With the packaging materials produced through-out South Africa and the rum distilled on Mauritius, Starr African Rum exemplifies this cooperation with local African partners.

Starr then donates a percentage of all profits to various organizations that seek to help foster economic development throughout the continent. Additionally, as much as 90% of promotional product in the U.S. is also donated to our charity partners working to benefit Africa as well as the communities where Starr Rum is sold.

Starr's distillery is environmentally sustainable. By harnessing the energy created from charring cane, Starr's distillery is completely self-powered. From cane to glass, Starr Rum is produced entirely on the estate.

Green Island Spiced Gold Liquor 37.5% alc/vol
Green Island Superior Light Rum Extra Dry 40% alc/vol
Green Island Superior Rum Extra Dry 37% alc/vol
Power's No 1 Superior Dry Cane Liqueur 33° GL
Power's Superior Gold No 1 Dry Cane Liqueur 33° GL
Starr Ultra Superior Light African Rum
Vieux Rhum Flamboyant 40% alc/vol
White Diamond 37° GL
White Diamond Rum 40% alc/vol GL

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