Gwalior Distilleries Ltd

Year established: 1986
Year closed:
Owner: Bapuna Group
Web page:
Mail address: moc.oohay|lwg_lpdg#moc.oohay|lwg_lpdg
Type of still:
Production capacity:
Location: Rairu in Madhya Pradesh
Gwalior Alcobrew Pvt. Ltd. (GAPL) is the flagship company of the Bapuna Group.
It commenced operations in 1980 as a partnership concern and was incorporated in the year 1987 under the name of ‘Gwalior Distillers Limited’. In April 2012, the name was altered to Gwalior Alcobrew Pvt. Ltd. GAPL’s distillery is situated at Rairu, District Gwalior. GAPL is engaged in the manufacture of Rectified Spirit and Extra Neutral Alcohol from grain and molasses. At the time of its installation, GAPL was the largest plant for producing grain based spirits in the country and was the first distillery in the state of Madhya Pradesh to produce grain based spirits. Today, GAPL is the largest producer of spirit in Madhya Pradesh.

In addition to producing and bottling its own brands GAPL also bottles popular brands for industry leaders like Pernod Ricard India Pvt. Ltd. (PRIPL), Radico Khaitan Ltd. and Allied Blenders & Distillers Pvt. Ltd. GAPL is presently the largest bottler of PRIPL products within India.

Boxer XXX Rum 42.8%
Champion's XXX Rum 42.8%
Fauji XXX Rum
Oskar XXX Rum
Pure Gold XXX Rum 42.8%
Silver Jet Rum

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