Grays Co Beau Plan

Year established: 1935
Year closed:
Web page:
Mail address: um.syarg|syarg#um.syarg|syarg
Type of still:
Production capacity:
Location: Beau Plan, Pamplemousses
Established in 1935 and employing more than 400 persons, Grays Inc. Ltd is the pioneer of the distillation industry in Mauritius. The company is the local leader in the importation and the distribution of spirits and wines as well as the top producer of alcoholic drinks derived from sugarcane. Moreover, Grays markets its wines and spirits through its network of shops "20/Vin" scattered around the island. They manufacture alcohol at 96% as from the fermentation of molasses.

Deluxe White Cane Liquor 33%
Dukes Cane Spirit 33%
Grays de Luxe
Mainstay Cane Spirit 40°gl
New Grove Lime Delight 40%
New Grove Oak Aged Rum 40% alc/vol
New Grove Old Tradition 3 Years Old Rum 40%
New Grove Orange Bliss 40%
New Grove Plantation Rum 42% alc/vol
Old Mill Rum 40% alc/vol
Rhum de l'Isle de France 40%
Royal Navy Cane Spirit 40%
Royal Navy Cane Spirit 43%
Royal Navy Dark Rum 40%
Royal Navy Dark Rum 43%
Royal Navy Spice Rum 40%
Royal Navy White Rum 43%
Rum de L'Isle de France 40%
White Rhum Bon Espoir

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