Gihoc Distilleries Co Ltd Accra

Year established: 1958
Year closed:
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GIHOC Distilleries Company Limited is the first modern distillery to be established in West Africa and thus claims to be the oldest. It was established by the pre-independence Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) in 1958 as the State Distilleries Corporation for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. The company produces serveral brands such as Lawyer London Dry Gin, Real Musketeers Gin, Castle Bridge Gin, Kaiser Schnapps, Chevalier Brandy, Sorento Sweet Vermouth, Buccaneer Rum, McFraser Whisky, Mandingo Bitters. The rum was listed under gin when I visited the site.[6]

Buccaneer rum was made by J Wray Nephew Ltd. [7]

Buccaneer Finest Matured Rum 42% alc/vol

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