Distillerie Du Quartier Francais Ste Suzanne

Year established: 1923
Year closed: 1982
Owner: See below
Web page: http://www.gqf.com/
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Type of still:
Production capacity:
Location: Ste Suzanne, La Réunion
Built in 1875, the sugar mill Quartier Francais was one of the most productive and most centralized of this time. Today it is part of the Gol factory in St. Louis.

The first modern "central plant" was built in 1875 on the left bank of the Saint John River. The plant received cane from all farmers in the region. Almost all small sugar factories stop their activities. The plant then produced 3,500 tons of sugar and was the largest employer in the county. A catastrophic accident occurred February 16, 1899 causing a huge fire. Supports of a 25 000 liter tank of rum breaks. The tank sprays rum on a lit still and starts burning. The fire is hard to control and completely destroys the factory. 9 people are killed. There remained only 4 sugar mills in 1880, when factories consolidate again, and in 1917 there is no longer Quartier Francais.

In 1920 the heirs decide to sell the plant. It was purchased by the Mauritian Company Compagnie Maurice-Réunion. Then it was bought, October 23, 1923, by a group of farmers in the region including Philidor and Ivrin Payet, two brothers from Salazie. Rene Payet, a son of Ivrin was the director.

The distillery was totally refitted or rebuilt between 1925 and 1955. However the sugar factories close one after the other, there is not enough cane for too many factories.

In 1960 the company buys Distillerie Rivière du Mât . Quartier Francais Spiritueux Outre Mer produces and sells rum. The company was incorporated in 1971 and is based in Sainte-Suzanne, Reunion. In 1982, despite a bumper crop of 280 600 tonnes of cane crushed for production of 27,000 tonnes of sugar and 8000 tonnes of molasses production is stopped at Quartier Francais. The company merged with the Distillerie du GOL in St. Louis a few years later. In 1994, la Société Léonus Bénard Sucrerie - Distillerie du GOL merge to become the "Sucrière de La Réunion" a branch of Groupe Quartier Francais and owner of the Gol factory. [9]

2013 Societe des Vins et Spiritueux La Martiniquaise S.A.S. has agreed to divest Quartier Francais Spiritueux Outre Mer, Distillerie de Savanna and Reunion Boissons to a consortium. The consortium includes J.CHATEL SARL, Terroirs Distillers, Unigrains and a businessman named Adrien Bellier. The financial details of the transaction were reportedly not disclosed.[10]

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