Daurala Sugar Works Distillery

Year established: 1932
Year closed:
Owner: DCM Shriram
Web page: http://www.dcmsr.com/
Mail address: moc.rsmcd|duslohocla#moc.rsmcd|duslohocla
Type of still:
Production capacity: 45 million litres per year
Location: Daurala
Daurala Sugar Works was established in the pre independence era in the year 1932 at Daurala , a small village near Meerut on New Delhi - Haridwar National highway no. 58. The year 1943 saw the setting up of the first indigenous distillery for manufacture of Rectified Spirit / fermentation Ethyl Alcohol with a capacity of 8 KL per day. The Distillery diversified to manufacture several popular brands of Liquor in 1969. The plant today is amongst the largest in the country with a capacity of 45,000 KL per year of Bulk alcohol and a million case of potable liquor per year. Company's Anhydrous Alcohol plant of 9000 KL per annum is based on latest state of the art Membrane technology and is first plant of its kind in India,established by a Japnese MNC.

DD XXX Rum 42.8%
Matured Bon-King Rum 42.8%
XXX Auld Bar Rum 42.8%

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