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Clairin (or properly spelled in Kreyòl 'kleren') is a strong spirit, similar to rum, made from cane sugar. Clairin is only produced in Haiti. Clairin is produced during the same process of distillation as rum, although it is not refined to separate the different alcohols produced by fermentation and exhaustion.

Clairin Gran Bois
Made by distilled cane juice in Haiti. 105 proof, 750 ml.

Clairin Lakay
The producer is Distillerie H. Jean-Jacques.

Ti Rose
Liann Bande
Bwa Cochon
4 Kanpe (50%)
Zo Devan

The producer Distillerie H. Jean-Jacques also sell the aphrodisiac Clairin Zo Devan, widely rumoured to put an a** whooping on any Viagra.

Clairin Dou-Dou

Clairin Nazon

Made by Distillery Larue in Cap Haitien, where Leslie Nazon crushes the cane and distills clairin. 40 % alcohol content.

Bel Koule - Bel Rose

Clairin Pipo Anana

Pineapple flavoured clairin, 30 % Alcohol.

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