Burns House Ltd Nassau

Year established: 1953
Year closed:
Owner: Heineken
Web page: http://www.burnshouse.com/
Mail address:
Type of still:
Production capacity:
Burns House Limited was established in 1953 by Associated Bahamian Distillers and Brewers Limited (ABDAB). Butler & Sands Company Limited was established in 1954. Both were separate distribution companies until 2000, when ABDAB and Heineken purchased Butler & Sands Co. Limited. ABDAB and Heineken had been partners since 1987 when Commonwealth Brewery first opened its doors.

The resulting amalgamation of Burns House Limited, Butler and Sands Company Limited, Commonwealth Brewery Limited, and Todhunter-Mitchell Distillery (owned and operated by Butler & Sands since 1994) resulted in a group with more than one century of combined experience in the Bahamian alcohol beverage industry.

ABDAB’s Chairman, Garret Finlayson, a Bahamian beverage industry pioneer, provided outstanding, visionary leadership for more than two decades. In 2004, Mr. Finlayson and ABDAB passed the baton of management responsibility to Heineken, a respected global industry leader in brewing, distribution and marketing.

Both Ole Nassau and Ricardo is produced at the Todhunter-Mitchell facility, which has been producing rum since 1859. Todhunter-Mitchell Distillery settled in The Bahamas in 1964.

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Ole Nassau Gold Rum
Ole Nassau Light Rum
Ole Nassau Dark Rum
Ole Nassau Coconut Rum Liqueur
Ole Nassau Banana Rum Liqueur
Ole Nassau Pineapple Rum Liqueur
Ole Nassau Mango Rum Liqueur
Ricardo Coconut
Ricardo Gold
Ricardo Light
Ricardo Dark
Ricardo 151
Ricardo Pineapple
Ricardo Banana
Ricardo Mango

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