Blackbeards Trading Co

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The rums are blended and bottled on Grand Cayman. They are made with filtered water and aged in oak barrels. Each bottle is individually hand-capped and labelled.
Blackbeard's Rum
Blackbeard's Gold Rum
Blackbeard's Reserve Rum 24 years old
Blackbeard's White Rum
Blackbeard's Dark Rum
Blackbeard's Special Reserve Rum
Blackbeard's Overproof 151 Rum
Blackbeard's Banana Rum
Blackbeard's Pineapple Rum
Blackbeard's Mango Rum
Blackbeard's Orange Rum
Blackbeard's Peach Rum
Blackbeard's Spiced Rum

“Richard Le Noir” is a local legend, better known as Big Black Dick. His name lives on today through a range of Big Black Dick rums, liqueurs, sauces, seasonings that are exclusive to BlackBeard’s and the Cayman Islands.
Big Black Dick - Dark

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