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Alcobrew Distilleries India Pvt. Ltd. was set-up in 2005, the company has successfully been engaged in production and distribution of branded liquor products all over India since the inception. Its range of products is manufactured and supplied to cater all Canteen Stores Department, Civil as well as institutional markets across the country.

The company is marketing products under the brand names White & Blue Premium Whisky, Auberge Vodka, Tycoon XXX Rum, Chancellor Whisky, etc. It has been granted a license by M/s David Campari, Italy, to manufacture and market Old Smuggler Scotch Whisky (BII) and Old Smuggler Matured XXX Rum in all kinds of markets across India.

Alcobrew's state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Derabassi has successfully been bottling Campari's Old Smuggler products since 2007. Furthermore, some of the reputed players like Tilaknagar Industries Ltd. Maharashtra, Indian Glycol Ltd Kashipur, I-brands Beverages Bangalore and many more enjoy a formal tie-up with Alcobrew to manufacture their brands at Alcobrew manufacturing facility.

Alcobrew has 6 Brands in its portfolio- 2 Brands,i.e., Old Smuggler Scotch & Old Smuggler XXX Matured Rum – both marketed under license from M/S David Campari. In addition to this, Alcobrew has White & Blue Premium Whisky, Chancellors Whisky, Auberge Premium Vodka & Auberge Premium Vodka- in Orange & Apple Flavours, and Tycoon Rum.

Alcobrew is comparatively a very younger player in the liquor domain of India, much of its business growth is credited to its pursuing of the acquisition route. Alcobrew’s first acquisition included brand names like White House Whisky, Black Colt XXX Rum, Bullet XXX Rum and Auberge, which were acquired from M/s Wines & Spirits Co. All these brands originally belonged to M/s Polychem Ltd. of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

In the second acquisition, it captured the brands like Nigro Heman XXX Rum, Bachelor Deluxe Whisky and Golden Chariot Premium Whisky. All these brands were acquired from M/s Bharat Distilleries Limited of Mumbai, Maharashtra in the year 2009.

In the next year, 2010, it went on to the third acquisition mode to capture the brands like Chancellor Whisky and Bonking XXX Rum from M/s DCM Industries Limited.

After an extended acquisition of many brands, Alcobrew negotiated a deal with M/s Tilaknagar Industries Ltd., Maharashtra to offload 7 brands namely ‘White House Premium Whisky’, ‘White House VSOP Brandy’, ‘Black Colt XXX Rum’, ‘Nigro He-man’s XXX Rum’, ‘Golden Chariot Premium Whisky’ and ‘Bachelor Deluxe Whisky’.

In 27th April, 2010, Alcobrew was granted the formal rights to manufacture, bottle, market, distribute and sell Old Smuggler Scotch and Old Smuggler Rum for CSD & Civil markets under the supervision and technical assistance of Davide Campari.

Tycoon XXX Rum
Old Smuggler Mature XXX Rum On license from Campari

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